These excerpts will give you some insight into my writing style. All the items excerpted here are from a larger, finished, but as yet unpublished work.

Crystal Alchemy

Crystal Dharma

Rune Quest

The Song of Ra


Crystal Yoga Workbook

Table of Contents:

Creating The Inner Temple

Experience, Co-Creation and Discovery

Crystal Yoga Practice:
Part One: Mental Transformation

Affirmation : Building Up a New Presence

Polarity Work : Actualizing a
New Reality


Energy Transformation

Expanding Consciousness

The Temple of Sacred Time

The Primal Attunement

Four Aspects

The Primal Attunement Meditation

Meditating The Mother’s Diamond Light

Daily Practice in the Temple of Sacred Time

[from Crystal Yoga Workbook]:

The Temple of Sacred Time

The Crystal Mesa is a temple. It takes us into the heart of sacred time. In sacred time, we become conscious of the spiritual significance of life on Earth and we see and sense our own microcosm gradually becoming radiant with life-force and consciousness.

Within the body of Mother Earth, the crystalline gem substances are sensitive relay stations, or markers which express and embody the phases by which light moves into manifestation as energy, and ultimately reveals its inner fullness as divine consciousness. Consciousness is the essence of what Heaven has to communicate to Mother Earth. Through energy, consciousness manifests its infinite possibilities, and through involution of consciousness, energy becomes matter. In crystals, energy and consciousness move into fixed patterns of high order and precise, regular pattern.

Light is the fundamental stuff of every cell in the body and every vibration in the aura. It expresses best through crystalline structure, of which the human body has many. Form is equivalent to function, and in matter purity of form is equal to power, or dynamic potential. Crystals have achieved pure and harmonious expression of light in matter, and the mesa reveals the unfolding of this process in and as “Sacred Time”.  One of the most profound ways we can engage and grow with our mesa is to use it as a Temple of Sacred Time. When we relate to the mesa in this capacity, it teaches us how to harmonize our life with the rhythms of light and consciousness by which the cosmos is evolving into its fullness of sacred expression. We then unfold co-creatively in oneness with the Whole.

To understand the Temple of Sacred Time, we must first appreciate the role of the Sun and the Moon in expressing light and consciousness. In essence, we are Spirit, which is Sun. But on Earth, we incarnate in order to express Spirit through form. Moon is the builder of forms on this planet.

The soul chooses to be born at a certain time in the moon cycle when the appropriate forms are available. Coming to Earth and entering into the sublunary world where the magical spell of the Moon is operative, soul takes on the personality, mind, emotions and body it requires to complete the next phase of its evolution and to learn more lessons. Moon supplies the masks we wear. Moon governs soul and its instruments (body, mind, emotions). Through the Moon, the Sun incarnates Spirit into an earthly form, the essence of which we call “soul”. Moon governs not only our evolution into Spirit, but also the tides of the ocean, the sap of plants and the cycles of unfoldment which we see all around us on this planet. The original word “Moon” means “measure”, and indeed Moon measures life. The phases of the Moon mark the stages by which Earth is transformed into the harmonious expression of Heaven, and matter is lifted up into a revelation of Spirit. The human mind has developed a cosmology and a set of scriptures, rituals and mythologies to express this process, but the fundamental structures of all these are revealed in their primal purity by stages of light and darkness on the Moon’s face.

All around us, we see living beings, air, water, wood, air, stones, fire, a multiplicity of beings and energies which have taken on the outer appearance of matter. These living beings are in essence Spirit, but they manifest through the four sacred elements, namely Earth, Water, Fire and Air. Earth is the energy which solidifies, crystallizes and binds. Water means growth, organization, feeling and attunement. Fire is consciousness, sensation, will and focused action. Air is intelligence, mind and communication. It merges into Ether, which is the domain of Spirit. The Four Sacred Elements correspond to the Four Directions, and each season of the year is dominated by one of the elements. The arrangement of stones within the Crystal Mesa expresses this. The clear quartz sphere at the centre stands for Source, and the four archetype stones embody four of the primary manifestations of the Great Mother.

The Great Mother, the womb of all beings on Earth is Spirit in essence too. She has a physical form, the cosmos, but for Her children on Earth She is primarily our ‘Earth Mother’, and this planet is for us her maternal body. From Her we are given or loaned every atom that constitutes the cells of our body.

This planet is an evolving revelation of Great Mother’s divine potential. The Divine wanted to express its heavenly essence through something that had form and movement, with evolving variety and change. So the original wholeness of the Divine separated itself into light and darkness, matter and Spirit, Sun and Moon, and their dance created cosmos. Cosmos is Mother, the form, the body, and the dance of God. The part of God which remained invisible, beyond the dance, is called Father, or Heaven, but Mother is the part of God which is closest to the creation.

We take birth to co-create with Mother and bring creation to its full harmony and unity with Source. Mother is doing this work in and through us, but She can work best through those who have ears to hear and eyes to see, a heart wide open to feel, and a mind clear and pure. When we use mesa to engage with Sacred Time, all of this is accomplished. Within us are the spiritual counterparts of Sun, Moon, Stars and Heaven, but mostly our eyes are closed and we do not dance in harmony with the cosmos. Yet we have the possibility to reconnect Heaven and Earth, to restore the primal harmony and to live as its revelation. When we awake to our true nature, we can transmute all that comes into our experience and raise it up to its original spiritual state of being. Much is possible if we acknowledge the presence and power of the Divine as Mother. The Mother holds the cosmos and every rung of the cosmic hierarchy in the ether of her heart. The Sun, the Moon, the dance of creation, the mantra of life and death – they are all there within her. Shiva is one of Her children, the Moon is Her daughter.

If we want to heal and re-unite body and spirit, one excellent way is to learn directly from the Mother, from the cosmos itself. And for this purpose, the crystal mesa is a wonderful teacher. It can help us to attain direct experience of the rhythms of light, the seasons of sacred time, the messages and teachings of different forms of matter, the healing qualities of their energies and the dance that makes harmony out of discord.

Moon is best understood as the personal way in which we shape and handle our impulse to realization. Our dialogue with the light of Spirit evolves through the twenty-eight stages or days of the lunar calendar. Each day is an archetypal time-space continuum bearing a gift, presenting a corresponding challenge and affording each of us a possibility for growth. Each of the twenty-eight stones of our mesa marks one of these events. In sacred time, divination is ever present because we intuit the possibilities of the moment, we feel and see how our microcosm interfaces with the energies of the outer world. The crystal for each day can help us to be consciously immersed in this heightened possibility of conscious co-creation.

Lunar Sacred Time begins when Source seeds life on Earth with a special gift at the time of the New Moon. This spark of light and spiritual possibility is what the lunar month will birth and express over a period of twenty-eight days. The Moon is dark at the beginning of the lunar cycle. On the night of the New Moon, she is closest to the Sun, and we see her as totally dark or completely Yin. From the moment of the New Moon until the Full Moon, there is a lunar progression from darkness to light that helps us to become more conscious in various areas of life experience. As the light waxes, we may choose to recognize the emerging possibility and give it full scope of expression. The seed of light, which the Solar Spirit sends out at the time of the New Moon, wants to grow and shine. If we are consciously aspiring, we can facilitate this.

The Full Moon is a good time for self-cultivation, a time to achieve full revelation or a breakthrough realization. The light of Spirit has grown and built up its full possibility for manifestation. After the Full Moon, the light disperses, expresses and goes into deep, hidden places. The light enters into the abyss and comes to terms with darkness, facing the challenge of dispersal, to master and integrate what has been occluded. Here, the light of consciousness is working its way deep into the core of unconsciousness. When the light is waxing, the effect is energizing and it climaxes with the Full Moon. But when the light begins to wane, the effect is to pacify an purify, which teaches us lessonsof release and letting go. When self-emptying is complete, the microcosm is ready for a new seeding.