These excerpts will give you some insight into my writing style. All the items excerpted here are from a larger, finished, but as yet unpublished work.

Crystal Dharma

Crystal Yoga Workbook

Rune Quest

The Song of Ra>


Crystal Alchemy

Table of Contents:


Chapter 1: Primal Groundings
Chapter 2: An Ancient Heritage
Chapter 3: The Sacred Fire
Chapter 4: The Stages of Alchemy
Chapter 5: The Sun Is Its Father
Chapter 6: The Moon Is Its Mother
Chapter 7: Crystal Arcanum
Chapter 8: The Mandala of Attainment
Chapter 9: Source
Chapter 10: The Heart Temple
Chapter 11: Crystal Initiations
Chapter 12: Temples of Alchemy
Chapter 13: The Light That Is Life>
Chapter 14: The Book Of The Living

[from Crystal Alchemy]:

Primal Groundings

The dawn is fast approaching. Already in the East, a coral glow suffuses the horizon. In the chill bleakness of the Arizona desert, silence prevails. My campfire is slowly burning down to coals and ashes, but it will still be warm when I return. I will make a new fire when that time comes. Now, I have an appointment to keep.

The moment approaches when the Solar Spirit will kiss the new day’s possibilities, and I have yet to take my accustomed seat and open my sacred bundle. Today, I am choosing a large sphere of Sunstone to align my consciousness with the light that approaches. I am placing it in the centre of my mesa cloth, and in each of the four corners I am also setting a small pouch that holds 28 crystals of the same substance as the sphere. One of the pouches contains 28 Herkimer Diamonds. Another contains 28 crystals of Danburite. Others are composed of Moldavite and Carnelian. Each of them anchors a prayer and an aspiration. The different colours of these pouches allow me to recognize and place these bundles according to my inner guidance.

In this, I follow the intelligence of my heart. I am guided by an intuitive feeling which I do not wish to interrupt with rational analysis or verbal commentary. My movements are like those of an artist who applies colours to a canvas, rapidly and instinctively – he cannot pause to intellectualize and verbalize what he is doing. The movements are swift and intuitive, like making a chord or a note of improvised music on a harp string.

Soon, I have laid out a geometric pattern of crystals, a miniature temple. The sacred space which has thus opened will act as a gateway to higher awareness. I am going to become aware of domains beyond this continuum of mind and body. Contemplatively centred in the sacred space of this miniature crystal temple, I will attune to Source through its celestial light.

Once I have set the elements of this crystal temple in place, I have only to gaze on the cloth and its crystals and wait. Effortlessly, I am carried into stillness. The movement of bliss in the deep heart is not far behind.

When the mesas are in place, all is ready. My spirit is ready to greet the dawn. I have only to wait.

I have spent one week camping in the desert. The spot where my small tent is pitched lies well away from the busy shoppers who crowd the vast exhibitions in nearby Quartzite. The steady hum of traffic on Highway 10 is muted and muffled, for the silence of the desert cannot be swallowed up by the restless noise of vehicles on the road or the bustling activity of travelers coming and going. The desert is bigger than they are, and more ancient. It remains a domain of stillness and simplicity. In the desert, reality is stark and elemental. It is vast and primal. It can change you. It can activate you, making it easier to see and sense the inner life of the stars and the stones. If you do this, you will never be the same.

I gaze East toward a hill that has a kind of pyramid on its crest. I cannot tell what this formation is, whether a manmade cairn or of natural origin, but this does not matter. I am still. My mind and heart converge to contemplate the timeless eye of Heaven.

For days now, waking in the frigid darkness, building a fire and waiting, I have prepared myself for the approaches of celestial Ra. He will arise out of the night just to the left of this pyramid, shortly before eight o’clock. But before his solar glory has climbed very high, he will pass this pyramid’s apex and begin his ascent to the apogee of high noon.

I can gaze into the morning sun for many minutes at a time. But as it rises higher, the intensity of the light becomes painful. When I close my eyes, a vivid afterglow of turquoise and green dominates my inner vision, the colours forming a shape that resembles the life-giving ankh of ancient Egypt. I am quiet now, open to what will come.

The first fiery gold is visible. Swiftly the glowing solar sphere ascends. The magic moment of celestial blessing has arrived!