deep relaxtion

Deep Relaxation (2012)

This exercise in deep relaxation is the ideal starting point for meditation practice. But it also is the essence of the final and deepest kind of Dzogchen meditation, where the technique is to let go and relax deeper and deeper into the inmost essence of one's being. It is advised to set aside a regular time for practice, and if possible a fixed place so that the mind becomes accustomed to the pattern of going deep within.

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anything is possible

Anything Is Possible (2013)

Step into the 'field of limitless potential'.You are a quantum creator whether you know it or not. You are creating constantly, every second of every minute. However, by linking to your full potential, you remove any limits to that power of infinite creativity. You have access to a world of boundless possibilities, where there is no need to live as you have been living, for you would have the power to actualize every aspect of your life according to your highest dreams.

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Finding Your Soul's Purpose [meditation with Rose Quartz] (2013)

If you could live the life of your dreams, what would it look like, what would it feel like, who would you be, and what would you do? Wake up to the light of your soul. See and feel and recognize the higher purpose for which you have entered into this life. There is a recognition, an awareness of who we really are and what we can do in this world, as part of this divine, loving intelligence.

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the method

The Method (2013)

In this method, you visualize a Central Channel that runs from your perineum (crotch) upward, through the center of your body, to your crown at the top of your head. This simple meditation can bring you immense benefit by allowing you to clear yourself of beliefs and thought forms that have limited you in the past. The end point of clearing limiting beliefs and thought forms is the realization that you are the Living Mystery. You are the union of matter and light.

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celtic mysteries cd

Celtic Mysteries (CD, 1989)

This groundbreaking release quickly moved to the top of the charts in Canada and established Calverley as a leader in the emerging field of Celtic New Age music. A GOLD release in Canada, Celtic Mysteries went international and became the best selling album on record at Oasis Productions. A combination of harp and orchestral arrangements, these original compositions evoke the mood of ancient times, and are ideal for meditation and relaxation.

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celtic mysteries 2 cd

Celtic Mysteries II (CD, 1997)

Returning to the ancient timbre of Celtic Mysteries, this music is richly produced, and mystically evocative. One listener writes: “This is one of the most artful Celtic albums that I have had the privilege to own. Beautifully crafted with melodious songs that carry an aura of the mystery and mystique embodied by Celtic folklore, every tale is told with the flair and drama of a master storyteller. Every note delves into the deepest reaches of your imagination and floats you away from the mundane going-abouts of everyday. A must-have for anyone looking for enchantment in the real world.

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bard of hearts cd

Bard of Hearts (CD, 1999)

This is the most unique of Roger Calverley’s musical releases. It is a series of live harp performances with spoken lyrics. Composed at a lonely woodland retreat, this music carries the deep, spiritual energy of meditation supported by the primordial forces of nature, and is a favourite with many listeners. The melodies were all channelled, and then the ‘spirit of the music’ was intuited for each composition, from which the lyrics were written. This music revives the art of the ancient celtic bard, whose spoken words express the deepest aspirations of the heart and soul. The spoken tones lead the listener directly into a heart-attunement from which deep meditation comes easily.

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avalon cd

Avalon (CD, 1992)

The haunting and melodic music in this release is also deeply conducive to meditation and relaxation. Avalon was the second release by Roger Calverley, and includes many compositions which were intuited in states of deep meditation.

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singing bowls cd

Temple of Singing Bowls
(CD, 2006)

This recording explores the mystical tonalities of Tibetan Singing Bowls. The seven sacred metals used in these bowls were blended according to an ancient tradition so that their resonance would bring healing and contemplation to the listener. By playing pairs of bowls which are separated by a fraction of a musical tone, a remarkable space of mystical resonance is created. Many listeners experience spontaneous entry into deep states of meditation while listening to this recording.

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