Roger currently holds meditation workshops in his home twice a week, as well as continuing with his writing.

Last updated: October 17, 2016.

My Journey

For some people, the task they are on earth to accomplish is clear from the outset, and from an early point in their lives they cleave to it relentlessly. For others, this understanding dawns slowly, and builds with experience. My journey has been of this latter sort.

My childhood memories of the angelic realm, and early mystical experiences were subsumed by the archetypes of my religion, and by age six or seven I felt drawn to become a Catholic priest. But after graduating from university, I realized that meditation and eastern spirituality offered a more direct route to firsthand experience of the ultimate reality, and so I began to practice meditation with a guru from India who claimed to be enlightened. After many years on a formal path of guru-devotion, I learned a great deal about the benefits and drawbacks of such an approach, and was ready to move to a different phase of the journey.

The meditation I was practising in my twenties and thirties had led to an opening of my spiritual heart, and as a result my creativity blossomed. I had begun to write poetry and books in prose, to paint in oils and watercolour, to garden and landscape, and to compose music. I became a yoga teacher, and dabbled in Tai Chi. I learned to play the Celtic harp and to perform in public. By 1983, I was writing some of the earliest material about crystals to be published in Canada. My first book, The Healing Gems, was followed by The Language of Crystals, in 1986, the first book being more a product of research, and the second one largely channelled. Then, I began to compose music and give concerts on the Celtic harp.

My first release, Celtic Mysteries, quickly went to the top of the charts in Canada, pioneering what would become a big wave of interest in Celtic music. After foreseeing the coming wave of interest in crystals, this was a second instance of breaking new ground in what would become a future trend.

At about this time, I wrote a book and two courses of study on distance healing, and formed a company to manufacture radionic devices for this purpose. Worldwide, there were close to a hundred students who enrolled with me to take correspondence courses in this topic, and the first edition of my Radionics and Self-Development sold out and became a collector’s item. This book explained how healing devices based on crystals could be used to help us realize our full potential as human beings. I formed a company to manufacture radionic devices for my students, instruments which could analyze and treat the physical and subtle bodies, chakras and emotions of anyone in the world whether they were physically present or not. This form of healing has by now become fairly common in the natural healing community, but it was just beginning to open up in the late 1980’s when I was pioneering the writing and teaching of this field in Toronto.

After living and teaching university in Southeast Asia for several years, and with a number of CD’s and books in circulation, I began to receive invitations to lecture on meditation, spirituality and self development. At universities across Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere, I introduced many thousands of people to a simple but effective process for connecting with their own deeper reality. Through this opportunity to be of service, I became experienced in channelling the wisdom of my higher self and putting it at the service of spiritual seekers from varied backgrounds. Time spent living and studying in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in India confirmed my spiritual direction and opened many new doorways of experience and awareness.

I knew that certain kinds of crystals and music were important keys to self-transformation. Having composed and performed harp music which could actually open the hearts of listeners, I had no doubts about this. And my work with crystals had similar results. But I had not hit upon a single system that would be universally effective, and which I would devote my life to sharing.

Shortly after the turn of the millennium, I was drawn to visit Peru three times, for reasons that were not initially clear, but which became clear as time went on. My awareness of spiritual archetypes blossomed at about the turn of the millennium and the book Ancient Mysteries Tarot, along with a unique Tarot deck based on my paintings was the result. In Peru, I was initiated by shamans in the unbroken lineage of the Q’ero, and guided into a deep understanding of the ancient medicine bundles known as the “mesa”. Out of these experiences, my book Crystal Yoga came into existence. In the year 2004, at the Temple of the Moon, in Pisac, I prayed to be guided into a full understanding of the mysteries of the Moon, taking a small pebble from each of the niches in the temple and placing them together in a stone coffer. Soon, the inner revelations had come through, and this material was published the next year in a book called “The Primal Runes”. Many pieces, symbolic of the ‘pattern-of-the-whole’, were falling into place.

Early in 2005 or 2006, I was looking at crystals in Tucson, Arizona, and found myself admiring one in particular. After inquiring as to its price, I put it back on the stand, and decided that it was just too costly. But later that evening, it hit me like a bolt from the blue that this had been a mistake. I knew that I would have to get in the car the next day, fight the traffic for an hour, and see if that crystal was still there. It was. And in that moment when I became its keeper, a new adventure in consciousness began. I had no way of grasping at that time..the mystical powers in that crystal, whose strange history and whose ultimate importance had yet to reveal themselves to me. I call it the “Oracle Crystal”, because it holds ancient teachings about the path to spiritual attainment.

But before I could begin to unpack what this crystal had to share, it was necessary to become familiar with the spirituality of Tibetan Buddhism. The initiator of this line of experience was a small ruby carving of the Buddha which I was drawn to, and acquired, from a visiting dealer in my home town of Lindsay, Ontario.

Prior to that point, I had had no interest in Buddhism, but shortly after becoming the keeper of this talismanic crystal, I was drawn by inevitable steps into a study of Samatha meditation, a relation with Lama Lhanang Rinpoche, Lama Tsewang Rinpoche, and Lama Lena, from each of whom I received teachings, inner experiences, and empowerments. Rather early on, I was caught off guard by an experience of direct introduction to the Nature of Mind, which is the Buddhist term for the “ultimate reality”, or non-dual awareness of Suchness.
At this point as never before, the immanence of liberation became clear to my understanding, and the crystalline nature of the Continuum became for me a living reality.