The Healing Gems

Originally authored under the pen name 'R. Anthony', this short manual, broke new ground when it was first published in 1983 at the beginning of the New Age interest in crystals in North America. It describes how to use Gems as medicines, and as sources of planetary energies, as well as how to prepare liquid gem potencies for healing. Also included are sections on how to develop psychic and intuitive abilities, and how to meditate with gems and crystals of various kinds.

This book helped launch the modern interest in crystals, and was a best seller in Canada.

The Crystal Revolution

All around the world within the lives of innumerable persons of all ages and nationalities there are examples which reveal that a "Crystal Revolution" is taking place. Never has it been more important to understand and master your vibrational core. By activating the crystalline grid within and around your own body-mind, you can re-write your whole life, and expand the range of your capacity. No adventure could be more compelling! The Crystal Revolution explores many themes related to this Revolution, including:

  • Universal Principles for realizing and expressing our full potential
  • A seven step program, clear and simple, for putting these laws into practice
  • The nature, origin and importance of the crystalline lattice, both in the human microcosm, and in the universal macrocosm
  • The role of crystals in co-creating the new possibilities and actualizing our future
  • Releasing old mental conditioning and dissolving energies that no longer serve our highest good
  • Visualizations, energy exercises, breath-work and crystal practices for personal transformation
  • The Crystal Revolution is a book which provides readers with a unique opportunity to realize the fullest possibilities of this special moment.  As a practical manual of personal practice it will be of special interest to meditators who wish to make crystals a part of their spiritual journey.


    CHAKANA: Secret Teachings of An Ancient Andean Mystery School

    In ancient Peru there existed a mystery school dating back as far as Lemuria. Remnants of this school can still be seen today in the pre-inca stonework of the Coricancha, on Sacsyawaman and elswhere around Cusco. The CHAKANA was an initiatory symbol, a talisman of incalculable spiritual power used by initiates of this mystery school in a variety of ways. CHAKANA is a re-discovery and awakening of latent mystical powers of this talisman which, when carved into a stone pendant becomes a portal into other domains of consciousness. The secret teachings and lore of the CHAKANA are now brought to life in a work that reaches into the dim past, uncovers hidden secrets and lays bare the modern powers of this master key to guide its keeper to the deepest experiences of spiritual initiation.

    Crystal Alchemy Part I

    Crystal Alchemy is an ancient practice which has evolved over many centuries. Crystals have physical form and energetic presence. They link those of us who care to work with them, and help us to be more conscious of the great Mystery that shapes our lives. There are a growing number of human spiritual seekers who are linking with the mineral kingdom in the process of self healing and spiritual awakening. In this latest of Roger Calverley's books on the subject of crystals, Crystal Alchemy digs deeply into this ancient practice, and contains a wealth of detailed information about what each crystal can do... it is truly amazing.

    Crystal Alchemy Part II

    Crystal Alchemy Part II continues from part 1, and covers topics such as: Crystal Spirit Guides, Crystal Temple, The Heart Temple Crystal, Crystal Initiations, The Cosmic Language, The Golden Ray...and more.


    The Healing Power of Roses

    The rose has, for centuries been given a special place in the hearts and minds of all who see, smell, and touch these most wonderful of nature's creations. Their beauty and grace stands out among all other flower species. Different cultures have realized that flowers have esoteric and healing properties which, when applied as oil, ingested as a tincture, or simply placed around a room, affect the health and behaviour of others. In The Healing Power of Roses, Roger Calverley presents detailed information on a great many roses, and their ability to awaken healing and transformative energy at the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual levels. The Healing Power of Roses is a further contribution to the field of healing using the living forces of Nature which surround us.


    The Language of Crystals (1986)

    This work was entirely channelled. It explores how the various families of crystalline structure, seven in number, do different kinds of energetic work within the body of Mother Earth and also in the human microcosm. An extensive series of crystal profiles was developed based on intuitive work with Roger’s own extensive collection. There are chapters on the esoteric functioning of crystals, how to activate them, the relationship of form to function within the crystalline structures, and a special chapter on the properties of quartz crystal.


    Radionics and Self-Development (1986)

    This is a book which extends the reach of distance healing by exploring the relationship between radionics (also called ‘psychotronics’in the USA) and consciousness. It proposes that the healing vibrations of radionics can be used to support the quest for higher states of consciousness. The role of crystals and gems is explored, and the relationship between light and human evolution is discussed. A number of fascinating ways to use radionics for self development are described. Two courses of study in radionics were printed at the same time as this book, one a basic course for beginners, and a second more advanced course called “Esoteric Radionics”.


    Realize Your Potential (Through Music and Self Awareness) (1986)

    This book explores the relationship between music and meditation. It discusses the role of mantric music in reaching higher states of consciousness, and includes a number of personal experiences from people in all walks of life. Throughout the 175 pages of the text, the book discusses the role of music in emotional, mental and spiritual self-development.


    Meditation For People On The Go (1992)

    Drawing on the teachings of the great masters of all time, the author shows that meditation is a natural undertaking for all persons, regardless of their religious beliefs and affiliations. He begins with the basics and then goes on to describe various aspects of meditation practice, with attention to topics such as the role of the spiritual teacher, types of concentration, and the use of mantras, providing practical exercises for breathing and deep relaxation. There is also an account of some of the author’s own experiences and insights while practising meditation.


    Ancient Mysteries Tarot (book and deck 2004)

    Ancient Mysteries Tarot is based on a series of inner experiences and insights arising in the early part of 2003. During this time, the author visited various temples and sacred sites in Peru. On returning home he completed writing the text of this book, and completed the Ancient Mysteries Tarot Deck. The artwork for the Ancient Mysteries Tarot Deck comes from a series of watercolour paintings which record the author’s exploration of temples and sacred art from the Mystery School tradition in Egypt, Crete, Sri Lanka, India, Greece and Southeast Asia, as well as Europe and Peru.


    The Primal Runes (2005)

    The peoples of Old Europe created sacred signs during the age when the cult of the Great Mother dominated the human psyche. Based on the phases of the Moon, these archetypal rune-forms each have a sacred sound; they form a complete system of invocation and empowerment. Mother of all subsequent runes, lost before the dawn of recorded history, the Primal Runes reveal the hidden wisdom of the early earth-mysteries. They tell of the birth of time, an era when magic was still alive and the arcane powers of Light and Dark were used in divination. These runes give direct access to the secret power and the timeless greatness of the Goddess herself.


    Crystal Yoga (2006)

    Crystal Yoga explores the role of the crystal mesa as a tool to release the fullness of consciousness. It discusses the role of 33 archetypal crystals as applied to the inner work of balancing energies, harmonizing mind and heart, clarifying intent and discernment, attuning consciousness to Source, integrating the various auric light bodies and working with the chakras. The Crystal Mesa can be a teacher of mystic wisdom, of which it is a sacred storehouse; it also deepens meditation and links its user’s awareness to primal energies and archetypes for understanding the experiences which come through spiritual practice.